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Carefully choosing what is worn to a traditional Indian wedding is extremely important whether you are the bride or a part of the wedding party.

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and festive attire, but they are also known for their style and their glamour.

A wedding is usually accommodated with days of celebrations and rituals. Dressing accordingly will make the wedding ceremony much more enjoyable for all as well as the rituals more glorifying. Take a look at the traditional Indian bridal wear and you can be certain that you are wearing the proper clothing to a traditional Indian wedding.

Wedding Color

The Indian bride typically wears a dress made of a bright red fabric. Unlike in the US where white gowns are worn, the red dress means happiness to her new family and life ahead and white is a color used to mourn at funerals. Black is never worn by the bride to a wedding ceremony, and no one in the wedding party or in attendance of the event should wear black either.

Traditionally the bride will wear a red wedding lenghas that are embroidered with silver or gold as well as stones, crystals and sequins around the neck and on the arms and other areas of the garment. The skirt is ankle length and paired with a choli. The choli top shows the midriff and features tight sleeves. Most Indian brides will wear a dupatta or a chunni as well. This is a long stole that wraps around the neck and over the shoulders.

There is another option for the bride, which is a salwar kameez. Many brides choose to wear this in weddings today, but this is all a personal decision. This is a tunic-like dress combined with salwar and a dupatta. All of the pieces are heavily embellished, and available in red satin and other expensive materials.

The bride always wears red in India weddings, and her wedding party will accommodate her bright colors with the dressing they choose. The wedding party will not wear red, however, they will look for colors on the same hue level. All of the wedding party’s garments will also feature embellishments.

The Groom

The groom’s dress for a wedding ceremony depends largely on the family’s location in India and his personal preferences. Some grooms wear traditional long jackets. Known as Achkans, these long jackets reach the knees and sometimes lower.

They are worn with churidars, or tight trousers that bunch at the bottom of the leg on each side. Other options include kurta pajamas with matching shirts and trousers adorned with embroidery and others wear Jodhpuri suits.

As you can see, the selection for the groom is large.

Both bride and groom, as well as all in attendance of the wedding party, are required to dress appropriately and with clothing that accommodates Indian religions. Some ceremonies will require that you cover your head as you enter a place of worship.

To dress according to Indian religion, the clothing worn to the ceremony should cover the shoulders and cover your legs, even if sitting in the floor. You should not show any more skin than what is required and always honor the temple or church that you are entering.

The Traditional Indian Wedding

By accommodating the traditional Indian wedding colors you can greatly honor your heritage and carry on the tradition of your family and your history. It is always possible to add a bit of modern touch to the wedding, however this should be done modestly so not to take away from the traditions you are trying to behold.


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Each and every job, in every sector, has its own share of restrictions. Evidently, each and every worker would want as much freedom as possible at their working place, this being a mindset that often drives them to different careers.

Social studies have shown that over 72% of employees that also carry out freelancing jobs, have a desire to quit their “regular” jobs, and over 61% of them have said that would probably quit within two years or less.

Here’s an infographic regarding the entrepreneurial mindset, a glimpse of the nowadays employees desires in terms of freedom at the working place.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset



After a grueling year of schedules and school, you want to plan some summer activities that will be fun and stimulating for all, but you don’t want to forego fitness.

When planning summer fitness activities for the family, you’ll want to choose some that are so much fun they’ll want to stick to it on a regular basis.

It may be difficult to choose summer fitness activities that the entire family can enjoy, but it can be done – and, for all age groups. Something as simple as walking around the block can be stimulating if you make it fun by talking and observing what’s around you.

Here are some great fitness activities that will make midsummer more memorable and bring you closer together as a family:

Park and Yard Games

Footballs and Frisbees can get you moving if you have access to an open, grassy space. Many neighborhood parks have such fun things as obstacle courses, rock climbing and splash pools that you can take advantage of.


If you don’t have a swimming pool in your back yard, research the area in which you live. You’re likely to find a club or neighborhood pool where you can take the family as a group. A lake is also a great place to picnic and swim.


It’s likely that you have some hiking trails near your home. Hiking can be a great workout and can be educational by pointing out certain plants, insects and birds you can enjoy.

Family Team Sports

Putting up a basketball or volleyball net can add fun to your family vacations. If you have a large family, it’s especially nice to have a good, old-fashioned “It’s ON” game. Don’t forget to help out the younger ones and help them interact.


This is a sport the entire family can enjoy while getting the best exercise. If you have smaller children or babies, there are carriers available for the bicycles. Search for some bicycle trails in your area – and don’t forget to wear a helmet.

Water Games

You don’t have to have a swimming pool to get wet and cool and enjoy a summer day. A simple sprinkler will do – or take it a step further and purchase one of the inexpensive water ‘toys’ to play with.

Plant a Garden

Start early in the summer to plant a garden with the entire family. The planning and planting are part of the fun. Harvesting, cooking and eating are the best parts.

You don’t have to venture far from home to experience summer fitness and fun. A little research and some imagination and creativeness on your part will ensure that everyone has a great summer without becoming a couch potato.

Don’t forget to take photos and make a family vacation album that you’ll enjoy looking at during cold winter months – and forever.